The Art of Writing Fiction

The Art of Writing Fiction

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Fiction writers bring life to the printed page and capture the hearts of their readers through powerful prose. Are you looking to combine compelling details, universal themes and imaginative storylines, to weave words that deeply resonate? In this course, you will learn how to do just that while also discovering how to harness your creativity, polish your already-written words and use details from your own life to access powerful emotions in the hearts and minds of your readers. You will learn:
  • How to discover and dissect what great writing looks like and how to mimic those techniques to elevate your own writing
  • How to slowly build a scene that pulls readers in and makes them feel like part of the story
  • How to fuel your fiction to become a compelling, emotional and life-changing story
  • How to write so your readers can effortlessly flow from sentence to sentence, paragraph to paragraph
  • How to make every word work for you, not against you, by tightening your writing

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