Writer’s Block — What If It’s Disobedience?

Writer’s Block — What If It’s Disobedience?

“What is happening? God always shows up.” I stared with glazed eyes until the white page on the screen blurred. I couldn’t write. I had the idea but nothing followed — neither brainstorm nor outline. Writing became like wading in mud, and I remained stuck. 

Prior to this, ideas flowed like a fountain. I journaled and jotted down observations, sticky statements, book concepts and outlines, devotion drafts, and social media post ideas. With each new idea, I thought, I can’t wait to write this piece! However, I kept filling the journal and never finished writing any of the pieces. 

I began to pray. What I learned surprised and convicted me. 

You see, I wrestled with the thoughts of Reason and Wisdom:  

Reason said, At least you are writing. 

Wisdom said, Write a little each day.

Reason said, You are overbooked. 

Wisdom said, It might be time to change your priorities.

Reason said, This is very hard and will take a lot of time. 

Wisdom said, Hard work delivers a blessing.

Then, Reason lied, God understands if you can’t do it now. 

Wisdom told the truth, Obedience blesses you, others and God. 

As I went back and forth, I realized my lack of follow-through was disobedience. Instead of finishing the pieces, I saw these as “Some Day” projects. Some were, but others were not. 

When God gives an assignment and we do not obey, we follow in the footsteps of Jonah, the prophet. In the book of Jonah (Jonah 1:1-2; 3:1-10), God provided the prophet with a specific message (a warning of judgment) to a specific group of people (the people of Nineveh) for a specific purpose (Nineveh’s relationship with God). This urgent message would change Nineveh’s relationship with God one way or another. 

Likewise, if you are called to write, God chose you to deliver a specific message (your witness of Him) for a specific group of people (your niche) for a specific purpose (to tell them about Jesus). This message will change your audience’s relationship with God one way or another. 

As I prayed to God about my writer’s block, I realized I had not been faithful to completing the writing God gave me. Like Jonah, I did not share the message. I thought I had plenty of time, until I saw my words and ideas in someone else’s message. I could have been writing for and sharing the message with dear souls so that it would be possible for them to believe in Him. God’s grace redeemed me; He inspired someone else to do the work He intended me to do. He forgave me, but He desired my obedient “yes.”

If you are experiencing writer’s block, you may want to ask yourself: 

Have I obeyed God by completing the assignments He gave me? 

Have I prayed for God to help me prioritize my writing assignments? 

Have I asked Him to send me the provision of endurance?

Have I stumbled over a reason for not obeying His writing assignments? 

Like Jonah, we can discover and turn away from the reasons that keep us from obeying God’s assignments. But God wants to reach our readers, and He uses us to deliver messages He wants to reach them with.


Joanne Almeter 

Have you experienced writer’s block due to disobedience in your call to write or speak? How have you prayed for God to help you through it? What provision has God provided for you to write His message?


Joanne Almeter is a Bible teacher, leader, writer and speaker who writes Bible studies and devotions for women. Currently, she is a COMPEL Training volunteer and member. At her church, she serves as a Ministry Deacon of Small Groups, mentor and women’s Bible study teacher. Joanne created the newsletter column “Food for Thought: Daily Manna and the Bread of Life,” bridging Old and New Testament Scriptures. She is also a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and writes picture books, chapter books and nonfiction for children. Her greatest desire is for people to have a thriving relationship with Jesus built on the hope and promise of who He is. When she is not active in ministry or writing, you can find her capturing the delicate beauty of nature in macro photography, learning a new shortcut through town, and laughing at the amusing and unexpected events of life with her husband.

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  1. Wow. This is spot on. I need to remember to be obedient to my call, and ask for provision of endurance. Thank you, Joanne.

  2. Love these truths and the way you created the dialogue between Reason and Wisdom! So much truth and encouragement contained in your post :).

  3. Ouch. That was for me. My prayer is that despite my disobedience God would ignite the passion within me to write what He has told me. And to prioritize my assignment and not push it off for someday. Thank you for this painful reminder.

  4. Hi Joanne,

    I love what you wrote. It definitely felt like a pinch in my heart but also it was inspiring to know that writing is not just something we do. Writing is something that can be used to further the Kingdom of God and bring understanding to hearts who may never know otherwise. It is good to be reminded that our writing is a reflection of Him and the giftings he has put in us. I thank you for this post. I have so many questions to ask God and have an agenda to pray about that I know will be so fruitful.

    • Hi Keisha,
      You are so right-someone out there needs God’s message. Praying for God to lead you and guide you as you write for Him, Keisha.

  5. This is a message I needed to here today Joanne! Thank you for sharing these important reminders with us!

    • Hi Tracie!
      So glad to hear this. God is so faithful to remind and love us through this process of writing for Him. Praying blessings upon your writing, Tracie!

  6. Ouch and Amen!

    Thank you for your candor and authenticity. This hit home for me in a big way. How blessed are we that God uses each of us for HIS GLORY – even encouraging yet convicting words spoken in love.
    Bless you Joanne. I needed to hear this.

    • Hi Julie!
      Thank you for your kind words and glory to Him! Our God will draw us near for His purposes. Praying for God to draw you near as you seek Him to guide your writing. He is faithful.