To the Writer Who Is Weary

To the Writer Who Is Weary, by Jenny Wheeler

They are tiny but powerful things, these gifts we offer up. Sometimes received, other times passed over, disregarded, forgotten. And I’ve been guilty. Throwing words around like feathers, tossing them wistfully into the atmosphere, little thought to where they might land. 

But words aren’t feathers, and we are called to more, dear friends.

We are not just writers. We are carriers of hope, revealers of truth, scribes of both suffering and joy. And our words are not to be given or taken lightly, for they have weight, power and value. 

Words formed creation. Words calmed seas. Words healed lepers and blinded eyes. The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, bringing freedom and salvation. Words also breathed death threats to the King of the world. 

I want my words to cause others to see beauty, even in the struggle. So, when life is good, I write. When life is hard, I write. When things are confusing, I write. When things are stagnant, I still choose to write. For me, writing is therapy. And lately, I’ve begun to realize: Often what I’m writing is what God uses to right me. 

Maybe you’ve been in that place — where those hard-fought words somehow break loose something you didn’t even realize was holding you back. It’s like an unknown obstacle, once damming things up, is unsettled just enough to give way to the life and hope rushing out of us.

In a word-saturated and often difficult world, it’s easy to let the honor of handling our words well fall by the wayside or atrophy because the “river” of creativity gets clogged. Or we’ve seen in the past that our spilled-out water hasn’t held as much life for the rest of “them” as it has for us … and we wonder, “What’s the point of sharing the gift if no one but us is changed?”

I want to remind your heart today: It is always worth writing, if even for our own soul’s sake. While we may never know the full impact of using our gifts on this side of heaven, as we are faithful to craft words well, God will be faithful to use them.  

It can be scary to try again, pen to paper, heart to voice, uncertain if these soul-sounds we share will truly accomplish something lasting. Disappointment, failed hopes or out-of-reach dreams love to drag us down to the depths of nothingness, don’t they? That haunting voice of rejection taunting ever so softly, consistently trying to drown out the truth we are learning: Words hold potential to change the atmosphere. And words have the potential to change us.

If you’re struggling with the call to write, unsure if you should keep going, can I declare something over you today? 

He is still crafting and writing our stories! For that reason alone, we must continue to write too. And that faithfulness will do its work in the giver (us) and the receiver (them). The Living Word through us never returns void but will accomplish the purpose God ordained it to achieve. So, don’t ever stop writing, dear friend. This world needs to know, needs to find, needs to hear.


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  1. I loved this! I saved several quotes as inspiration for later. Words do matter, like in James 3. We must be careful to speak life and build up.

  2. Powerful. Love that “words formed creation, calmed the seas.” Our words carry weight….may the words we choose be of encouragement for those God intends to read them.

  3. Norma Williams: May 14, 2020 at 7:15 pm

    Thank you ,Jenny. I came across your article and it spoke to me. It encouraged me to keep on writing. I write a daily devotional- five days a week- and I often wonder if it is read by those who never respond.
    I have rebuked every thought that says, “Don’t send to this person.” I send it to everyone on my list in keeping to the call to write. Who knows some of my readers may not read the bible on a daily basis , but if they read the devotional, they will hear a word from God.
    ” He is still crafting my life.” I love this.

  4. Laurie Neveau: April 28, 2020 at 5:00 pm

    Beautifully said and just what I needed to hear. Thanks.