How a Fake British Accent Empowered Creative Breakthrough

Today, we have a guest post from a professed “creative ninja” and the current teacher of our latest COMPEL course: A Writer’s Guide to Creative Breakthrough.  Jenny Randle is a national speaker, Emmy ® award-winning creative, author of Courageous Creative: a 31-Day Interactive Devotional  and she has designed an exclusive COMPEL course just for our COMPEL Members! 

“It’s less than ten words, you’ll be fine.”

My first job in my early 20’s was in the Entertainment industry and opened up exciting opportunities that I had no idea I wanted, until this moment.

My voice over career was officially beginning in

“Three, two….oh and Jenny, you have to do it in a British accent….ONE!” The sound engineer wildly waved his finger at me from the other side of the glass.

The movie trailer began playing as I glanced at the studio execs in the other room. My voice that often got mistaken for a Wisconsin accent had to be in sync with that of a million-dollar-making- actress who makes teas and crumpets sound quite lovely.

Turns out, I sounded more like a monster than a movie star. After an hour of coaching and channeling my inner Mrs Doubtfire for inspiration, we all realized I just couldn’t hit the lines.

This new-career-making-moment ended as fast as it began.

It was a colossal failure. Have you ever felt like that as you write or make stuff?

You show up to create and it falls flat, carries little impact or isn’t in sync with the vision cast before you?

I totally get it trust me. Over the 15 years of being a “professional creative,” I look back and view the voice over disaster as one of my most valuable lessons.

There’s value in creative failures!

It creates space for us to rely on God’s strength as we fumble for creative solutions, empowers us to dream into new areas and reminds us that we aren’t defined by these moments.

Most importantly, you learn to fight for that God-given voice of yours… without the fake accent of course.

That’s why I am SO excited to be teaching COMPEL’s new course, A Writer’s Guide for Creative Breakthrough. Ready to unleash the courageous creative God designed you to be?

This course will take you through an interactive journey that will:

  • Help you foster a healthy creative identity through a Gospel-centered lens
  • Empower you to overcome these creativity killers: people pleasing, perfectionism, and performance mentality
  • Teach you to kick fear in the face, write with purpose, and freely create
  • Guide you towards writing courageously and confidently as you unleash your creativity and unique voice into the world

A Writer’s Guide for Creative Breakthrough includes four sessions filled with practical insights, spiritual development, and creative challenges that will have you waving bye-bye to that writer’s block in no time.

Your security is rooted in Christ, not your struggles, setbacks or even successes. It’s time we fight for that God-given voice of yours, Creative Ninja!

Will I see you there?


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