Fear Has No Authority in Your Calling to Write

Fear Has No Authority in Your Calling to Write, by Brenda Bradford Ottinger

Do you ever feel like your call to write may as well be a call to fly to the moon? Dreams, by nature, are intimidating and bend the boundaries of bravery; otherwise, we’d be meeting them every morning before breakfast. Friend, if you’re feeling vulnerable and afraid as you pursue your writing dreams, take heart — you are normal! 

Let’s chat about some fear-fighting steps to remember as we run in our callings to write:     

  • Don’t discount God’s investment in your dream. Set your goals before the Lord and ask Him to align your spirit with His dreams for your writing.  Guard your limits. Stay in the lane God lights for you and trust Him for the outcome. It’s easy to see things other writers do and fear we’ll be left behind if we don’t do them as well. Give that fear to God and walk confidently in the peace of His path for you.     
  • Remember, God’s timing is rarely our timing — and we don’t want it to be. (Although, our patience may disagree.) God uses waiting seasons to grow His message as we cultivate our writing craft. Meanwhile, He moves ahead, preparing hearts for impact more beautiful than anything our timetables could produce.    
  • Serve the ones He’s placed along your path today. Dreams cast vision, and sometimes that vision can take the focus off the souls in front of us. The bigger dream He’s placed in your heart is paved with smaller steps of service along the way. But the smaller influence of today is of no less value than the bigger influence of tomorrow.   
  • Keep writing even when it feels messy and hard. The good stuff usually comes after we’ve wrestled through the messy middle. Connecting the message on your heart to the words on the page can be difficult, and it’s tempting to brush these drafts aside when the deep thought and research involved feel daunting. But friend, this is the work of a writer. Don’t fear you’re not enough for the challenge; fight for the projects that sit heavy on your heart and offer them back to the Lord for His service.   
  • Make peace with rejection. Rejection is a normal part of the process, and no writer is exempt from its sting. Those words you painstakingly poured out? They aren’t overlooked or rejected by God; He meant them for purpose, and they will bear fruit in season. 
  • Connect with other writers who “get it.” On painful days and gainful days, it’s comforting to bond with others who understand the unique beauties and challenges of the writing life.   

Your writing dreams need not be bound by fear. Galatians 5:1 tells us Christ has set us free for — wait for it — freedom! Fear has no authority in your calling to write, so freely run, arms open wide, into your writing dream. You’ve got this, friend. 

What fears are standing between you and your writing goals today?


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  1. The technical stuff with blogging. It has been so difficult to get my blog up and running. I have so much writing material… that is not my fear… it’s the tech issues and the frustration and fear that goes along with it. I had a goal of January 1, 2020 to launch my blog, but with the blog set up not even close to being complete I already feel like I’m failing. I know it’s in God’s timing. He has definitely blessed me with more patience and reminding me to be still during the frustration. He has revealed a lot to me during this time and has given me more truth to write about for His glory!

  2. Brenda, your words are spot-on. Every point you provided is well-founded, and I receive your encouragement through the Holy Spirit. My greatest fear is not fulfilling God’s plan for me in the realm of writing. Just behind that fear is that I will venture outside His will and hurt others whilst trying to help. However, these fears keep me close to His throne room in prayer 🙂 As always, exceptional post, friend.

  3. I fear getting started!

    • I understand, JF. No matter what it is, I’ve always felt like beginning is the hardest part of any project in life. You can do this, JF. 🙂 Cheering you on toward beautiful word offerings to the One who planted writing in your heart, sister. 🙂

  4. This was wonderful. Thanks so much for the reminder!

  5. I would say “not making sense” or being misunderstood are huge fears for me. If I don’t have clarity myself on an idea, I realize my readers will not either. But if I do have clarity and pour out my thoughts, that fear is still lurking in the background. Thanks for your words of encouragement today as I feel some of these very things.

  6. Every word spoke to the battle I am fighting right now. Thank you for listening to God’s call to write them out. They have deeply impacted me, and also reminded me that with God’s help and some courage, my words will one day do the same for someone else. Writing is such a gift.

    • Oh Bethany, I love your heart for service to other writers one day. And, I believe you will do just that! Look forward to seeing how God directs your ministry of words. Praying with you as you lay down fear and step into that battle with the Lord’s strength and directive. You’ve got this! 🙂

  7. Thank you Brenda!! I loved the idea that God is invested in our dream to write. What a powerful reminder that we aren’t in this alone!

    • So thankful He’s a God who doesn’t leave us alone in the calling, but walks with us (and before us and behind us). Thank you for always being such an encouragement, Glynnis. I’ve learned so much from you. ♥

  8. Beautiful encouragement. Thank you!

  9. So truthful and empowering! Your post is relevant to not only writers, but any creative!

    Thank you and God bless you!

    • I love that term “creative,” Ngozi. Reminds me how much we’re made in the image of the ultimate Creator. Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. 🙂