Do You Want to Write But Feel Alone in the Process?

Do you want to write but feel alone in the process? By Ashley Jackson

COMPEL Training registration is open! If you love writing, feel God has a placed a publishing dream in your heart, or if you sometimes have a hard time calling yourself a writer because you feel you need more training or experience, what better time to join COMPEL than the start of a brand new year! Registration closes next Friday, January 17th, and will not re-open until the spring, so don’t delay!


The blinking cursor, your arch-nemesis, mocks you again as you stare at your blank computer screen. You feel called to write, your heart burns to write, and you want others to know the same hope and truth, and experience the same life you have come to know. You want to pour it all out in words for others to read. But as you stare at that incessant blink, you pause as doubt weighs down your heart, and your thoughts scream, “I am the only one I know who wants to pursue writing; how can I be sure? Who can I talk to about this? How can I know I am headed in the right direction?”

If you have ever had these thoughts, you aren’t alone.

For years I have felt just short of outside my mind for wanting to be a writer. My mom wasn’t a writer, my husband wasn’t and not many of my friends were trying to become writers and so as I sat in front of my own blinking cursor and pounded out letters onto a screen week after week, I wrestled with feeling like an outsider.

To be honest, I had no idea where to start; I just knew I wanted to contribute something. I threw a little of everything against the wall and hoped something would stick. It took me years to realize where I wanted to focus my writing, what to write about and to find a group of readers who may want to read any string of words I might dare to put together. I didn’t know what was available to contribute to. I didn’t know how to get better. I didn’t know the steps to take in order to get my random thoughts together and give them a purpose.

I was so alone in the process of writing, in feedback and direction … I wish I had known about COMPEL.

COMPEL has an answer for every single one of these fears that many times stop us in our tracks from making progress in our deep desire to write. 

In the Connection Courtyard is a community of women who feel exactly the way we do and know the exact fears we face every day. They are there to give advice, cheer one another on and encourage one another not to give up. 

In COMPEL, you are not only directed to publications accepting writing submissions, but you are also given the opportunity to submit your work with the possibility of getting published through the many Proverbs 31 channels and to have your words seen by millions of readers.

When you join COMPEL, you are investing in your future as a writer with opportunities for learning where to start, what to do next, and many specific topics through courses, lessons and live workshop teachings. Each lesson is designed to take us from a lost and lonely writer to an author on a mission.

If you feel alone in your writing journey, COMPEL is the place your writer’s heart is welcomed home. 


COMPEL Community Coordinator

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