Believe – Inspiration from the Star

Believe – Inspiration from the Star, by Joanne Almeter

“Did God actually call me to write?” Maybe you discovered beginning to write is hard. You feel your ministry has not taken flight. You obeyed the calling to write but twinges of discouragement bind you to loneliness, and it hurts. In response, you wonder, “What difference can I make?”

Remember to believe. In Matthew 2:1-12, we see God provides our wavering hearts with an object lesson: Jesus’ shimmering star of Bethlehem.

Here is inspiration from Jesus’ star to encourage confidence in your call to write for Him:

The star brought light to darkness.

Just as the star radiated its luminous light into a spiritually dark world, God’s message brings His light to the dark places of life, mind and heart. Someone waits for and needs the light of Christ to shatter the darkness. Our message casts light because it shares God’s words of truth and grace. Do not stop writing the words.

The glory of the star revealed the glory of God — Jesus.

The appearance of the star of Bethlehem announced God’s magnificent Son to the world with its resplendent light, shining over the newborn king like a beacon. Similarly, we declare the wonder of His name and testimony when we write His message. Hearts want to see Him, touch Him and hear Him. Show them. Study His story with depth and longing. Work hard to develop your craft. Then, let the brilliance of Christ shine in your writing so people experience Him. Reveal Jesus, and you will unveil true, incomparable glory.

The light of the star led the wise men to Jesus. 

God used the star to show the wise men the way to Jesus. Likewise, God’s message sent through us points where and how to find Him for those seeking Him. When we hesitate to share the message God gives us, one less person hears the gospel. One more person turns to sin as an answer to his or her problems. Time passes. Opportunities for love and grace slip away. Instead, send people to Jesus with your words and message. Write to lead them to Him.

Writer friend, the next time you get discouraged, remember the light of the star of Jesus. We still need God’s message. Believe again. Shine His light in your writing.


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  1. Susan Daugherty: December 22, 2019 at 4:16 pm

    Thank you, Joanne, for pointing us to Christ today by reminding us of the star! That encouragement to share the light and put His glory on display is such a good reminder for writers, and really for anyone in ministry. Your words blessed me today.

    • Susan,
      Thank you for taking the time to respond to this post at such a busy time of the year. God is so good; glory to Him! Keep writing and spreading the message, Susan! Merry Christmas!

  2. Amen, my friend. A-men. He shines luminously through your words. I love how He bestows insight to those who seek Him; that star, right? So much more than first glance. Thank you for seeing, hearing and obeying!

    • Charla,
      I agree! Obedience is such an important part of writing for Him. He is faithful to show us how – even by a star. Merry Christmas to you!