Make Your Writing Dreams Come True by Winning a Book Contract at COMPEL Training!

Are you ready to make your writing dreams come true?
Keep reading today’s blog post from Director of COMPEL Training, Tracie Miles to learn how you can win a book contract with Leafwood Publishing through COMPEL Training!

Between the years of 2000 and 2005, I spent hours preparing one sheets and book proposals to present to multiple publishers at the annual Proverbs 31 Ministries She Speaks Conference every year. Each year, I walked into my publisher appointments with hopeful anticipation that someone would believe in me and give me a chance to be a published author.

I would spend months and months after each conference waiting for that phone call or letter saying someone was interested. Yet year after year, rejection letters poured in instead. 

After a while, I got discouraged and put my dreams of being a published author on the back burner. I became sure I had heard God wrong about being called to write. What was I thinking? I wasn’t an author, didn’t have a big platform, so I determined I just needed to give up on that dream. I felt confident giving up was the best good idea, so I set those dreams aside and trusted that if God wanted it to happen one day, it would.

I then poured my energy into serving in women’s ministry at my church, being a blogger and traveling to speak at women’s events around the country. I continued to walk in faith until one day, the miracle I had prayed for actually happened. A miracle perfectly orchestrated with divine details and timing only God could have orchestrated.

You see, years earlier, before I surrendered to entrusting my writing dreams to Jesus, I had signed with a literary agency. My literary agent resigned and I lost contact with the firm. But years later, in a perfect season of life when God knew I was ready, it happened. 

As a newly hired agent for their firm was sorting through old proposals which had been sitting in file cabinets for years, she came across my proposal for Stressed-Less Living: Finding God’s Peace in Your Chaotic World. 

I’ll never forget the day she called completely out of the blue in early spring of 2012, sending me into a state of happy shock and tears of joy. She simply said, “Mrs. Miles, I found this proposal in the bottom of my drawer. I like your idea. Would you still be interested in writing this book and having it published?” 

I was momentarily left speechless but managed to utter the words “ABSOLUTELY!”  Her second question thrust me into a state of fear and doubt, “would you be able to write this book in a few  months and have it published in the fall?” But again, my answer without hesitation was “ABSOLUTELY!” 

And my friend, the rest is history. Since that book was released in 2012, I have published three additional books and have another book releasing in February 2021. The journey has been long and fun and hard and challenging and rewarding, but it all started with having the courage to believe in myself and my dream, the commitment to learning to write a solid book proposal and the willingness to place my dream into the hands of the One who could make it happen. 

If your dream is to get published one day, are you ready to take a chance to make it come true? Are you willing to invest in your writing craft and prepare for God to open doors for you to do that? With hard work, dedication, investment in your craft and trust in God, you can do it! And at COMPEL Training, we want to help you meet your goals.

In October 2020, COMPEL Training will be accepting book proposal submissions in coordination with one of our annual writing challenges. The winner of this book proposal writing challenge will actually win a book contract with Leafwood Publishers

One lucky COMPEL Training Member and new author will be offered a book contract with Leafwood Publishers, receive a book advance and royalties agreement and have their trade book in their hands and on the public market by early 2022! 


But what if you have a great book idea, yet no idea how to write a book proposal? What if you know you have a powerful story to share and glorify God with, but are clueless on how to get started writing it? COMPEL has everything you need to get ready for this opportunity! 

If you join COMPEL Training between April 2 through April 17, 2020, or are currently a member, you will be automatically eligible to submit your proposal in the fall. We also have six months of lessons in store to help our members learn how to write proposals that will catch the eyes of publishers. 

If you ever considered joining COMPEL Training or dreamed of having a book published, this is the perfect time to join! So why wait?! 

As a special gift to encourage you to join, click on the button below to download a free book proposal template to help you get started. And we invite you to click on the JOIN NOW button to become a member of COMPEL Training and help prepare you to begin focusing on the dream God placed on your heart to write. 


You can CLICK HERE to get more information about this writing challenge and how it will work. 

In addition to this challenge and the associated teachings, we have a variety of workshops planned to teach on all kinds of writing projects, and you can get more information about COMPEL Training in general by visiting

Got questions? Reach out to us at and we’ll get back with you as soon as possible! Have a friend who had publishing dreams of her own? Send this blog post to her and have her partner with you in the writing journey with COMPEL Training! 


Hope to see you soon at COMPEL Training!
Tracie Miles, Director of COMPEL Training



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  1. Jessica Harris: April 16, 2020 at 1:56 pm

    The link opens a guide to 4 keys to a great book proposal. Is that the correct book proposal template?