If You’re Wondering if She Speaks Is Really Worth It for Your Writing Ministry

If You’re Wondering if She Speaks Is Really Worth It for Your Writing Ministry

Walking into the convention center, a wave of self-doubt crashed into me. What was I doing at She Speaks? I wasn’t a published author. I was just a writer with a few published blog posts.

 God called me to step out in faith and start sharing my writing, but attending a conference as big as She Speaks was out of my comfort zone.

 Casting my doubts aside, I soon realized that I was where I needed to be to grow in my craft and to make connections. I love She Speaks because whatever stage you are in — whether you are just beginning your writing journey or you are an established, published author — we are all equal. The women surrounding us are our friends, not our competitors.

 Attending the She Speaks Conference is one of the best investments you can make for your ministry. 

 Here are a few ways to get the most out of She Speaks:

  1.  Join the official “She Speaks” Facebook Group before the conference starts. This is an excellent opportunity to meet other attendees and make connections! For example, I met three other writers through this group, and we drove from the Midwest to North Carolina together to attend the conference.
  2. Get some rest. Attending She Speaks is like drinking from a fire hose. You will be on information overload. It’s OK to skip a session to catch your breath. The sessions are recorded for a minimal fee, so get some rest, and invest in the session you missed.
  3. Hand out business cards to those around you. From standing in line to sitting in a session, you make connections with writers from across the country. You may even be able to collaborate with another writer on a future project.
  4. Utilize the prayer room. One of the highlights of She Speaks is the prayer room. When the enemy tries to steal your joy and create doubt in your ability as a writer, step into the prayer room and focus on Jesus and all that He has done for you. 

She Speaks is a unique conference in which we are all sisters in Christ with the common goal of sharing our stories and furthering the Kingdom of God by using our words — both written and spoken. By attending She Speaks, you will see that these women are your biggest encouragers and prayer warriors.

 Remember: Be confident in who you are! You are a writer, and She Speaks is exactly where you need to be!

Cheering you on!

Missy Eversole

If you have attended She Speaks, either in person or virtually, share a tip or two on how it impacted your writing ministry!


Missy Eversole is a writer from Morton, Illinois. She is wife to Craig and mom to Grant and Connor. She enjoys family time and the laughter that comes with it. Missy is a contributing blog writer for Proverbs 31 Ministries’ Online Bible Studies, as well as Kingdom Edge Magazine, and is author of Transformed, Not Conformed: Embracing a Life-Changing Approach to Spiritual Habits. She writes about faith and family weekly on her blog at www.missyeversole.com.

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  1. Stephanie Stovall: May 25, 2022 at 8:31 pm

    I can’t wait to attend the She Speaks Conference. When is it?

  2. I’m excited to virtually attend my first She Speaks Conference this year!

  3. Will there ever be another She Speaks Studio?