How To Get Started as a Speaker

Do you have a desire to become a speaker? Getting started can be overwhelming and scary. You won’t want to miss this advice from seasoned speaker Denise Pass! Here are some of her best tips that have helped her grow her speaking ministry and speak at women’s events and conferences across the nation.

Getting started as a speaker can be daunting. And frankly, it’s a tad embarrassing when no one is banging down our door to have us speak. If one of the greatest fears (for 75% of the population) is still public speaking, I ask myself:


Maybe you ask yourself the same question, and the reasons could be many and varied:

  • To help spread the message of a book.
  • To help others with the healing we have received.
  • To glorify God.
  • To fulfill what Jesus told us to do — the great commission.

I am sure you have several reasons you could add to this list. Knowing your “why” is a must before you ever speak a word. Share what motivates you to be a speaker in the comments.

When we are called to speak, we don’t let shyness, comparison, the fear of man or competition defeat our calling. Below are tips that have helped me to grow my speaking ministry and to speak at women’s events and national conferences. 

  1. Before you speak, know what you are called to speak about. 

The goal should not be speaking itself but communicating well the message you carry. What message ignites your soul? This is fueled by your “why?” and will serve to motivate you in your speaking ministry or career.

  1. Become an expert in the topic (and other subtopics as well).

Knowing a speaking topic enables us to go deeper into the topic and deliver value to our audiences. Ultimately, as a speaker, we are seeking to serve our audience and their felt needs, not our own. 

  • Get equipped by attending speaker workshops.
  • Do a deep dive and study the topics you want to be an authority on.
  • Expand to other topics that are related to be more versatile.
  • Pursue an education on the topic if you see a need.
  1. Hone your craft.

Speaking is not just about providing information. What kind of speaker are you? Motivational? Inspirational? Educational? Whatever type of speaker you seek to be, honing your craft includes the following elements:

  • Determine a problem that you are trying to solve.
  • Develop a story that connects your solution.
  • Design sticky statements that make your message sing.
  • Delve into a little humor — it goes a long way and makes your talks memorable. 
  • Delight event planners by offering to create a conference notebook, graphics or surveys to engage their audience.

Be relational to the group you are addressing. Find out about them. I enjoy having small groups after my talks and sitting with the groups and seeing how they are applying my talks.

  1. Begin to establish your platform.

Having a website is critical to developing a speaker platform. A speaker page on the website is very helpful, which would include booking information, a topic list, a form for event planners to fill out, video or audio samples, and testimonials.

  • Define your voice and brand.
  • Define your ideal audience.
  • Create a speaker kit as a PDF. Google to see some examples; then craft your own with the elements that are important: your bio, topics, pricing, for instance.
  • Build a website that has a “call to action” to book you as a speaker.
  • Sign up as a speaker on speaker websites for bookings. 

Establishing yourself as a speaker might mean you do some “mug and a hug,” pro bono or small honorarium speaking events, but it is a great way to develop as a speaker until God opens bigger doors for you. Some of my favorite speaking events are smaller groups where there is more opportunity to hear the women’s hearts and speak with them.

All for Jesus,


Where are you at in your speaking ministry? Is anything holding you back? Share with us in the comments!


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  1. Kim Hutchins: March 6, 2024 at 1:10 pm

    Oh m goodness! thank you so much! This was so timely 🙂 I love how God works!!! Now I will sit down and work through your questions which will help me refocus on my why and what God has called me to share!

  2. Thanks Denise. I did my first online virtual conference this past January. I love all your advice here. I need to develop my why and message.

  3. At first I wanted to start speaking because my writing coaches told me to, lol. Now I see that it is another conduit through which my story can work together for good for others.

  4. Speaking is my dream future and asking God to clear the path He wants me on! Starting with a podcast 🙂
    I am a social justice warrior baked in biblical truth at heart. Specifically, I have a deep heart for the marginalized and how our churches and the body of believers can hurt inadvertently. Passion topics are around how childhood (and generational) trauma shows up in our kids AND adults. And secondly, how we have hurt our sisters of color by not recognizing systemic issues and their personal stories when it comes to race and reconciliation.
    Learn, lament, heal.
    Thanks for the article!