What Social Media Platform Should I Choose?

With so many available platforms, deciding what is best for you and your audience can be overwhelming. Here are some ideas to help you choose where to build your platform …

Social media.

As writers, we have all heard about the importance of having an online presence and building an engaged social media platform. Your social media content can connect with a broad audience if used well. It allows you to share inspirational content with a diverse global community, encouraging discussions. Additionally, these platforms offer an opportunity to showcase the values embedded in your writing, influencing and inspiring others on their faith journeys. 

With all the choices, what is the right social media platform to share your content? 

Choosing the right platform to promote your writing depends on your target audience and the type of content you create. Here are a few platforms that might be suitable for promoting your writing:

  • Facebook: Facebook is a versatile platform with a broad user base. You can create a page or group specifically for your writing and share your content with a potentially large audience.
  • X, formerly known as Twitter: X is known for its real-time updates and the ability to connect with a global audience. You can use hashtags related to Christian topics to reach a broader audience interested in similar content.
  • Instagram: If your content is visually appealing, Instagram could be a great platform. You can share inspirational quotes, images, channels, stories and reels related to your writing and connect with a visually oriented audience. 
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a professional networking platform, and if your writing has a more professional or educational focus, it could be a good fit. You can share articles and insights and connect with like-minded individuals.
  • Pinterest: While Pinterest is technically not a social media platform but more of a search engine, it is a valuable way to get more eyes on your content. If your writing includes images, infographics or other visually engaging content, Pinterest can help you reach a creative and visual audience.
  • YouTube: If you are comfortable creating video content, YouTube can be a powerful platform. You can create videos discussing your content, share devotionals, or even create a channel dedicated to topics that interest your audience.

Whatever platform you choose, stay engaged in meaningful conversations with your audience. You can utilize social media to promote not just your work but others’ as well. Creating and participating in a space focused on giving rather than receiving will contribute to a more spiritually enriched world.


Regina Lewis

What social media platform will you try in 2024? Let us know in the comments. 


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  1. Thanks for the inspiration! I’ve just begun learning Pinterest. I enjoy creating the graphics that link to my devotional blog. I would love to eventually use YouTube.