4 Steps to Help Streamline Your Social Media Strategy

Do you feel overwhelmed by creating content and strategy for your social media platforms? There are endless how-tos on the internet about establishing your social media strategy, but do these tips help enhance the work you are already doing? Check out these four time-saving steps to enhance your social media strategy today!

Have you ever noticed how God has you walk through a learning experience on whatever topic He prompts you to write about? More often than not, that’s how it happens for me.

For example, while writing an article on patience recently, I suddenly needed to pray for help in practicing the art of patience in a challenging relationship. Maybe God does this to test our motives or eliminate the chance for pride or self-righteousness to enter our writing. Either way, I’ll cover both bases by declaring that time management is NOT my strong suit. The opposite is true, especially when I enjoy creative tasks like social media content creation. But here’s the good news — the advice I’m sharing with you today is part of a successful social media strategy that I use for myself and another writer, too!

Step One: Create a schedule and pencil in all your activities. Like a contractor establishes a frame before building a home, creating structure in our workflow provides a solid foundation we need to achieve our goals. More importantly, creating a schedule ensures we steward well the time and talents God entrusts to us. Whether it’s hourly, daily or weekly, find a pattern that works best for you and the season of life you’re in. 

Step Two: Minimize distractions. If you find yourself being interrupted by texts, emails or social media alerts, remove those temptations. Put your phone on silent and disable social media notifications, or use a focus app to block messages.

Step Three: Work in time blocks. If needed, use the timer on your phone or an app to help you track your time. When I first began working in time blocks, I used the Pomodoro technique: 25 minutes focused work time, then a five-minute break. Time blocking makes our to-do list manageable, deters procrastination and improves our focus. If you’re an Enneagram 3, like me, with a need to feel like you’ve accomplished something at the end of the day, time blocking will work well for you!

Step Four: Batch your work. Organize workflow by grouping similar tasks. Focusing on one activity maximizes creative energy, increases our productivity and minimizes time wasted. For example, creating seven social media posts in one day is easier and more time-efficient than crafting content for one social media post per day for seven days. 

Friends, social media creates endless opportunities to enlarge our spheres of influence, so having a solid social media presence is becoming increasingly important in the publishing world. The enemy knows this, and he’ll try to undermine our efforts with the comparison trap. Remember that writing for God isn’t a career; it’s a divine calling that’s unique to each of us and too big for us to accomplish without His help.


Kelly Kirby Worley

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to creating consistent content on your social media platforms? Share in the comments below!


Kelly is a marketing-savvy Christian communicator, writer and artist passionate about encouraging and empowering women to trust God and know who they are in Christ. She serves as a volunteer leader for a COMPEL Critique Group and is a member of the COMPEL Training blog writing team. You can follow Kelly's writing on Instagram @kellykirbyworley or connect through her website: www.kellykirbyworley.com.

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  1. My biggest challenge in doing social media posts is definietly distractions. I feel like a squirrel darting off in all directions. I find it hard to focus with many obligations each day. Working from home is great but it can often times lead to less production with many to do lists.

  2. Jennifer Mosier: April 4, 2022 at 7:35 pm

    I love the idea of working in blocks of time. I too often find myself distracted by household chores. By the time I get to writing it is time for bed! I am going to start doing this, as well as scheduling my posts for the week, they seem to take up so much of my time every morning.