When Writing Feels Like One More Thing

When Writing Feels Like One More Thing

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Today’s blog post is from Mikayla Duncan, writer and participant in Lysa TerKeurst’s Book Proposal Boot Camp.

Is anybody else bone-tired? This year feels like a twisted game of whack-a-mole. Right when you think you’ve hit 2020 on the head and start to pull the pieces of this year back together, it pops back up with another surprise:

  • Your co-worker tested positive and you have to quarantine.
  • Your child’s school is going virtual and you’re scrambling for childcare.
  • The trip you’ve been looking forward to is postponed (again). 

This is where I’m at. Whacking moles left and right, desperately trying to find some thread of consistency and stability. I barely have the time and energy to do what I need to do. There’s no way I have time to add something I want to do, like writing.

So when I felt God nudging me to apply for Lysa TerKeurst’s Book Proposal Bootcamp I thought, “Okay, God. What a longshot, but I’ll be obedient.” Then God opened the door for me, and I was so excited. 

“This is amazing! A dream I’ve had since I was a little girl! An incredible opportunity!”

Fast forward to three weeks later and I’m sitting at my computer with my head in my hands. What made me think I could do this? This baby needs a diaper change, I have 17 work emails to send, 3 weeks of laundry wash – and now I’m writing a book proposal? 

All of the sudden, my joyful praise to God turned into questions like,
“Really, God? One more thing?”
“Why now?”
“If this is what you have for me, why isn’t this easy?”

I love writing. This has been my dream forever, but it feels like just another item on my to-do list, just another moving part, just another whack-a-mole, peeking its head over the edge.

Right now, we’re exhausted from the collective trauma of a global pandemic, and everything we encounter may feel like “just one more thing” on our plates – even the good things.

I’ve been wrestling with God. Why, God? Why are you calling me to do this now? I’m already exhausted. Why would you hand me one more thing?

And what I heard back was my favorite still, small voice saying, “Mikayla, did you think I wasn’t going to use this season?

God’s gentle voice has been causing me to do some deep reflection. Yes, this season is challenging. It’s uncharted. But that is why my gifts are needed. That is why my writing is important. 

He didn’t hand me one more thing to deal with. He has gifted me with an opportunity to lean into Him, to rely on His daily bread and to trust His timing. And by doing so, He has graciously invited me to be a part of His plan for this season.

Like Esther, perhaps He has chosen you for such a time as this. Not because it will be easy, but because He knows it will bring you closer to Him. So if your dream of writing has become just “one more thing” on your list, take a deep breath, pick up that pen, and trust the timing of our favorite Author and His story.


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  1. Kristina Siano: January 12, 2021 at 9:55 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing! I really needed this! Writing is something I love doing but right now it feels impossible and I’ve been struggling to understand how God can call me to write with everything that is going on. The whack a mole analogy perfectly describes it. Thank you for giving me a new perspective! It’s very encouraging 🙂

  2. Good reminder that God has a plan for every season.