The Still, Small Voice of Christmas

The hustle and bustle of the holidays can either leave you inspired or stressed out. We strive for the perfect social media posts and find ourselves competing with ourselves and others to do so, but we can decide to slow down and listen to the One who makes it all possible. Discover how this Christmas can be both quiet and powerful at the same time.

Christmas and social media — what do you think? Perfect together or perpetually stressful?

For me, both. The lyrics, memes, messages, images and posts from other Christians bring joy to my heart. At the same time, they bring stress to my writer’s soul. 

It’s all been said. What can I add?

How can I make my message stand out from the rest?

 I want to honor Christ with my words — really I do. Alas, the seasonal stress turns my focus to myself. 

A sneaky spirit of competition creeps into Christmas. I see what others do and decide I can never measure up. My good intentions get lost in a tangle of comparison and doubt. How do I make myself heard over the clamor and clutter of the world’s view of Christmas? How can I make my words stand out among the abundance of Christian perspectives? 

I don’t. I can’t. 

This year, I’ll aim low. I’m not going to strive for a viral meme or an ever-growing list of followers. I’m not going to count the likes (my own or those of folks I admire). This Christmas, I’m embracing the still, small voice.

You’ve probably heard the story of Elijah and his encounter with God (read it for yourself in 1 Kings 19). Exhausted by the success of past ministry and overwhelmed by the threat of persecution, Elijah sought safety and solace in a cave. There, God spoke to him — not in a mighty windstorm, not in a powerful earthquake, not in roaring flames. God grabbed his attention with a still, small voice. The Lord of hosts spoke in a gentle whisper.

Elijah’s situation brings to mind the snowstorms of my Wisconsin childhood. Some shrieked through, rattling windows, downing branches, and driving tiny bits of ice into my cheeks. Those wild storms got our full attention. Other snowfalls tiptoed in and out. We’d awaken to muffled silence and a transformed landscape, sharp edges reshaped by whitewashed billows. These whispering storms swaddled us in peace and beauty.

Likewise, some Advent messages march to the front of my thoughts with the power of angel armies. Others settle in softly, rounding off the sharp edges of my stress and swaddling my soul with peace.

Strong words and gentle whispers — either one can honor Christ. There’s a time and place for both. This year, I sense God’s call to seek and speak the still, small voice. I’m dreaming of a quiet Christmas.

Holiday (holy day) blessings,

Shirlee Abbott

How about you? Do you thrive on the hustle and bustle, or are you lost in the noise of the holiday season? Can you hear the still, small voice of Christmas? As to your own words … are you shouting or whispering? Share in the comments!


Shirlee Abbott is a retired pastor's wife, mother, grandmother and home-improvement veteran with a passion for building wholeness and holiness into God’s children. Shirlee constructs big ideas out of as few words as possible. Her K.I.S.S. (keep it short and simple) style invites reluctant readers to the Bible study table. Read her constructive thoughts at

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