The Beauty of a “Good News” Buddy

When I sold my first story to Chicken Soup for the Soul, I was excited on many levels. I sold my first story! I received a check for $200. It was in a real book in real stores where real people could buy it. I was shopping with a relative and went into a bookstore. There it was. My book. Or at least the book that had my story in it. I pulled the book from the shelf and flipped to the page with my byline.

After she read it, she walked over to the register and handed the book to the clerk. “Can you put this back up on the shelf?”

“That’s really nice,” she said to me and we exited the store.

The person with me was my mom.

Now I’m not telling you this story to make you feel sorry for me. I have a really great mom. She’s wonderful in a thousand different ways, but she didn’t understand how long it took for the acceptance. She didn’t realize that I had waited for nearly a year to see it in print. She didn’t know that the $200 check was my first real paycheck as a writer.

It was nice to her. Not just nice, but really nice.

In today’s Tuesday Tip we discuss why it’s important to find a “Good News” buddy and what that looks like.


Why it’s important

Writing pays off in several ways, but payment can be a long time coming (or meager in the beginning) so those who view success in dollars may not get it. But those who understand the eternal value of reaching 150,000 people with an article do. A “Good News” buddy can keep you grounded and excited about this call of writing!


What does a “Good News” buddy look like?

You have a slew of friends right here at COMPEL. When you receive your first acceptance or your twenty-seventh, we are excited with you.

However, in addition to COMPEL, it’s fun to have a “Good News” buddy in your everyday life. That might be a spouse, a good friend, or a writing friend who lives in the area. While I have a lot of amazing people who cheer me on, my designated brag buddy is my adult son. He delights in hearing good news, whether that is an acceptance or an email from someone who reconnected with Jesus after reading one of my books.

Having a designated “Good News” buddy allows me to share my good news and move on. If someone else doesn’t understand or their eyes start to glaze over as I talk about blogging or selling an article to a small denominational magazine, that’s okay. I can appreciate the other qualities they bring to our relationship and not stress when they aren’t as excited as I wish they were.


Have a “Good News” buddy; be a “Good News” buddy

When my friend Jennifer called to say her four-year journey to publishing was a reality, I cheered with her. I knew the tenacity it took to stick it through finding an agent, writing a proposal, working through two years of revisions, and receiving rejections.

This was something I had prayed about with her. This was a dream that, at times, seemed like an impossible dream. All she needed in that moment was for a friend to say, “Great job, Jen. You hung in there and this is the result.”

We not only need a “Good News” buddy, we have the opportunity to be one to others. In a ministry and career where successes are often small, we understand that it’s always exciting to achieve a dream one small step at a time.


Your Turn

We realize this is an unusual Tuesday Tip, but some of you may feel that you’re flying solo. We care about that. As a COMPEL Member, your assignment is to get involved in COMPEL Community groups. You are invited to join the Confetti Friday community group where we celebrate good news each Friday! Not a COMPEL Member? Join to become a part of our vibrant online community!


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  1. Thanks for this Post Suzie. Many people don’t understand the time, effort and work that goes into writing. It is nice to be surrounded by people who understand your calling and encourage you.. My “Good News” Buddy i s Amy and my small writing group. We cheer and support each other. Got that are covered! Check!

  2. How timely. I experienced a similar circumstance, Suzie. Oh, how that moment hurt.

    My “Good News Buddy” went home to Jesus a few weeks back. I knew how much she inspired me, but hindsight clearly illuminates the depth of her influence in my life.

    I fully agree with Suzie. We need a “Good News Buddy”, and we should be one. I will never be the same after experiencing such an inspiring relationship.

  3. This is just what I needed TODAY. Thank you always, Ms. Suzie!

  4. Sherri Williams: March 14, 2019 at 9:08 am

    Thank you for the reminder to celebrate the ‘little’ bits of Good News. They make me feel good but I sometimes feel like it’s too little to share with others. But those ‘little’ bits are what keep me going!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing! I received an acceptance from a publishing company a few weeks ago and a dear friend who shares my passion and purpose for writing was that buddy I shared with. She was so excited for me,I know that the process is a one step at a time and your sharing has confirmed the journey more. Again thanks for sharing!