Setting Goals that Make Sense (Part 2)

In last week’s COMPEL blog post, I shared how to brainstorm goals for the next six months and how to determine which you should delegate, defer, do, or delete. In today’s Tuesday Tip, we’ll share what to do with the tasks you’ve decided to DO or DELEGATE.

1. Create a time line

Create a timeline for the next six months. Write down any looming deadlines or events that require extra time or travel.

2. List tasks in order of importance

Place each DO or DELEGATE ITEM in order of priority. Don’t make this overcomplicated. It might change and that’s okay.

3. Break each goal into doable tasks.

EXAMPLE: This is one goal I placed on my timeline. My photos were three years old and it was past time to do this task.

MY DO: New headshot
Make appointment with photographer (DO)
Once I receive jpgs, choose four (DO)
Add to blog (DO)
Hire graphic designer to create social media header using photo (DELEGATE)

4. Create a deadline

Create a reasonable deadline for each assignment. Follow through! You are on your way to achieving your goals.

Your Turn

Leave a comment and tell us one DO or DELEGATE goal you have and the doable steps you’ve broken that goal down into.

Go Deeper

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