Three Simple Ways To Make Money With a Blog

Have you been wondering if this blogging hobby of yours can actually bring in an income? Friend, it’s not only possible to make money; it’s actually easier than it seems. Click below to find out how you can monetize your blog starting today!

Rent, mortgages, groceries and utility bills are common household expenses. This mama doles out monthly money for all these expenses and then some. With three athletic and always-hungry sons, the monthly grocery bill sometimes eclipses the housing expense!

Just as there are unavoidable household financial responsibilities, the same is true with managing a writing ministry. Creating content requires an investment of time and finances. The monthly email marketing platform fee, website hosting and other expenses can all add up and put a strain on your household budget. Before you know it, there is more money going out to support your online ministry than there is coming in to sustain it. Discouragement sets in, and you may even be tempted to walk away, leaving the world with one less voice (yours) to share the gospel. 

The good news is that your writing gift and work can support your household while honoring God. In the New Testament, 1 Timothy 5:18 says, “For Scripture says, ‘Do not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain,’ and ‘The worker deserves his wages'” (NIV). This verse suggests that it is fair and just for people to receive compensation for the work that they do. Creating content for your blog is indeed work!

Let’s dive into three ways your God-honoring writing ministry can earn an income that supports your household. 

  1. Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a partnership between yourself and a product or service provider where you earn money by making recommendations. For example, let’s say you use (and love) a certain email marketing platform. Sign up as an affiliate with that company (you can either search for “affiliate” on the website or contact the company directly about how to become an affiliate), copy and paste your personalized affiliate link, and share it with your audience in an email or on social media. When someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission, which is usually paid out monthly. Make sure to recommend products you have personally used, and include an affiliate disclosure wherever you share an affiliate link.
  2. Professional virtual services. Consider offering virtual services like editing, blog writing, web design or podcast support. Just create a page on your website, add your services, set your rates, and promote your new offerings. A fellow writer will thank you!
  3. Digital products. Gather those Bible studies and devotionals you’ve lovingly written, and create a digital product like an e-book. Or consider designing printable verse cards and selling them on your website or through a third-party site like Etsy or Shopify. Maybe your audience loves printables, like coloring sheets. The sky is the limit, so use your imagination! Your digital product should be relatively simple for you to create and meet the needs of your audience. 

These methods are just a few ways to make money with your blog. How you choose to monetize your content should align with your ministry’s mission and serve your audience well. Taking your ministry from a hobby to one that brings in an income is a Spirit-led opportunity to use your gifts and resources wisely.


Regina Lewis

What money-earning method best aligns with your ministry’s mission? Share your choice in the comments below.


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